The only saddle pad endorsed by back surgeons, master saddlers and veterinarians.

Back on Track and ThinLine create the ultimate performance saddle pad

White Contender Back on Track Saddle Pad Jumping White

Back on Track and ThinLine create the ultimate performance saddle pad by merging two of the most effective technologies available to the equine performance world.

The ability for a horse to move freely and comfortably in their back is critical not only to long term soundness but also to achieving the softness, engagement, and power required for success in any horse show discipline.  Two of the top equine product manufacturers one known for providing warmth to speed muscle relaxation, the other, known for unparalleled protection from impact, decided to join forces and create the best product for the benefit of horses.

Designed with three riding styles in mind; jumping, dressage and western the 3 pads are designed specifically for each riding style.  “By working together to provide horses with the best materials for their health and happiness, ThinLine and Back On Track “are both manufacturers who have the same goal in mind. Separately each product assists the horse in a different way. So, we thought, why not join forces and create a single product giving horses and owners the very best of everything available on the market? And conveniently, they shim for saddle fit needs.

  • Halter Cheek Liners

    Protect delicate cheeks from rubs.
  • Anatomic Hunter Jumper Girth

    So supply you can see it. No-slip, no rub easy care.
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    Trifecta Cotton Half Pad

    The cotton base design with ThinLine on top creates a nice wither profile and spine free channel. Shims available for all your fitting needs.
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    White Quilted Saddle Pads – Overstock!

    Cotton Quilted Dressage Square with Ultra ThinLine. Shim for saddle fit or use alone. Protection for your horse, comfort for you. Easy care, perfect fit.
  • 8022 Contender II Western
    8022-B Contender II Back on Track ThinLine Western Pad

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    Contender II Western Square Pad by Back On Track

    The most technologically advanced saddle pad available in the world today, the Contender creates the perfect amount of warmth, stability, and shock absorption for both horse and rider.