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  • Saddle Fitting and ThinLine Shims

    How Can You Fit A Saddle On A Swaybacked Horse?

    Solve bridging issues. ThinLine supports the gap. If your saddle is bridging – it has little to no contact...

  • Top News: Two Great Reasons to Double Up on ThinLine Saddle Pads!

    Trainers are putting riders in double ThinLine pads during schooling or when a horse is more advanced than a rider.  While...

  • Technology Button

    ThinLine Guarantee – Riders Using This Pad Will Sit the Gaits Better

    . . . . With much less movement creating horses with confidence! Ears slightly pinned, tail-swishing, head tossing. These...

  • Riding With a Pain Free Back: Saddle Pads the Doctor Ordered

    The doctor’s order for a pain free back is in, and the prescription is the technologically advanced shock absorbing ThinLine Saddle...

  • Saddle Fitting the Thoroughbred Horse

    The Thoroughbred horse, especially the off the track racehorse can be one of the more daunting breeds to saddle...

  • ThinLine Receives Export Excellence Award

    ThinLine Receives Export Excellence Award The International Trade Division of NC selected 10 companies out of several hundred to...