Saddle Fitter Terry Peiper on School Horses, Western Dressage and Rider Comfort

Terry Peiper of Fit Right Saddle Solutions in Carlisle PA. ThinLine saddle pads were first introduced to me in 2010 when I asked Susan Harris, an Anatomy in Motion Riding Instructor, for her advice on how we could prevent our lesson horses from becoming sour.  Without hesitation, she answered, “Great saddle pads that absorb the … Read more

El montador de sillas Terry Peiper habla sobre los caballos escolares, la doma occidental y la comodidad del jinete

Terry Peiper de Fit Right Saddle Solutions en Carlisle PA. Las almohadillas de sillín ThinLine me fueron presentadas por primera vez en 2010 cuando le pedí a Susan Harris, una instructora de equitación de Anatomy in Motion, que me aconsejara sobre cómo podíamos evitar que nuestros caballos de clase se amargaran. Sin dudarlo, ella respondió: … Read more

Kissing Spine In Horses: Therapeutic Saddle Pads Can Head Off Vet Bills


Often overlooked, under-treated and misunderstood. Kissing Spine in horses is frequently associated with bad behavior. Here at ThinLine, we are committed to making life better and happier for horses. After several years of working with veterinarians, trainers, and owners we have consolidated information on Kissing Spine in horses and put together a plan of action … Read more