Horse Tack Born From Necessity ThinLine Back Story


Horse Tack Born From Necessity ThinLine Back Story  By Dressage Daily– December 15, 2015–Elaine Lockhead Castelao was a single mother standing in the grocery store line when she noticed the woman in front of her wearing an embroidered horse jacket. They began chatting and Castelao learned that the woman was the first to try to … Read more

Bridging saddles shim for saddle fit swayback horse

Bridging saddles shim for saddle fit swayback horse Swayback. The horses’ back dips in the center of the top line. It can be caused by a poor saddle fit. Proper muscle development is key to reversing hollow horses. . Most sway backs are not congenital, not a true sway. Often the sway is the result … Read more

Cuñas de sillines de puente para caballos con espalda inclinada y ajuste de sillín

Cuñas de sillines de puente para caballos con espalda inclinada y ajuste de sillín Influenciado. El lomo de los caballos se hunde en el centro de la línea superior. Puede ser causado por un mal ajuste del sillín. El desarrollo muscular adecuado es clave para revertir los caballos huecos. . La mayoría de las espaldas … Read more

What Are The Best Stirrups For Knee Pain When Horse Riding?

stirrup wrap rider knee pain

The Western and English stirrup wrap provides no-slip shock absorption and promotes knee and ankle health. 300,000 knee surgeries are performed in the United States every year. A high percentage of healthy adults who receive new knees are runners and riders.  In equestrian sports, the knee experiences two types of stress: the stretch of the … Read more

Horse Reins: ThinLine Grip Equals Better Contact


Horse Reins. ThinLine Grip Equals Better Contact. A good seat and legs are critical to driving the horse, yet it is our hands that receive the engagement. If hands or arm muscles are tight, a horse cannot be soft in the mouth, neck or poll. ThinLine Classic Wrapped rubber grip reins are designed to allow … Read more

How To Choose The Best Girth For Your Horse Or Pony

  What is against your horse is the key. A soft flexible no slip breathable foam is best. Horses come in many body types, well sprung rib cages, high or low withers, sharp or narrow shoulders.  Not all girths will fit all horses the same way. Flexibility in materials is very important.  So too is … Read more

Saddle Pad Endorsed by Doctors Sore Back Horse Rider


Saddle Pad Endorsed by Doctors  Sore Back Horse Rider. Back pain in horseback riders is nothing new, “it’s been a problem for at least 3,000 years,” say James Warson, M.D. The horseman and now-retired physician spent 20 years as a neurosurgeon and medical director at a Fort Collins, Co. clinic. He combined his medical skills … Read more

Protective Supportive Leg Equipment for Horses

  Why use Horse Boots? Horses have little muscle tissue for padding in the lower leg. Tender bones, such as the splint bone, as well as tendons and ligaments, have no natural protection.  There are many reasons to protect your horses’ legs, there are many more reasons to choose ThinLine over gels, neoprene, leather or compression foam. Some horses, no … Read more

Kissing Spine Dorsal Spinous Impingement Tack Treatment


Kissing Spine Dorsal Spinous Impingement Horse Tack Treatment Often overlooked, under-treated and misunderstood.  KSD is frequently associated with bad behavior in horses. By Randy Frantz of Burlington Equine Veterinary Services, LLC, Vermont Sometimes just a tack change can successfully head off major veterinary bills. Dorsal Spinous Process (DSP) impingement or “Kissing Spines” (KSD) is a condition … Read more