Horse Rider Sore Back


Horse Rider Sore Back Hope for riders from Western Horseman Magazine. Western Horseman,  – Article by Lynda Bloom Layne  Photographs by Cappy Jackson Article Republished by ThinLine with permission from Western Horseman Back pain in horseback riders is nothing new, “it’s been a problem for at least 3,000 years,” said James Warson, M.D. The horseman … Read more

Horse rider equitation shock absorbing saddle pads

For the Cutting Pen, Blogger Megan Georges. Riding quietly up in the saddle is a challenge faced by professionals and amateurs alike, in every sport encompassing the horse industry. There are difficulties found balancing aesthetically on a horse whether you’re a dressage rider learning to sit your warmblood’s trot. Or, the cutting horse trainer staying … Read more