Hunter/Jumper Trainer Incentive

Trainer Incentive Program

Are you a Hunter/Jumper trainer with a barn of your own and a fan of ThinLine products?  Check out the Sponsored Trainer Program below.  If this sounds like a fun and exciting opportunity for you and your students, please fill out our application below.

We are looking for actively showing Hunter/Jumper trainers with a group of clients that love to horseshow and more importantly value the benefits of ThinLine products.

We are open to all types of show circuits but prefer trainers that participate in at least 10 horse shows per year and are active on social media.


What you will do for us – Approved trainers will hang our 3’ x 6’ or smaller banners at the horse shows they attend. Trainers will tag ThinLine with pictures of ThinLine products on social media at least once per month. The trainer will happily promote ThinLine products to clients and students.  We will also send you a logo and link to add to your website. We would also ask approved trainers for a review of ThinLine products.

What we will do for you – Once you are accepted, we will give you a half pad of your choosing and a tack item of your choosing (muzzle, reins, bell boots, splint boots, or girth).  We will set you up with a discount code for 20% off for your students and a banner with the code for the horse shows.  Depending on what we have in stock, you may even get a little extra swag like a baseball cap or mouse pad.

Of course, there are more incentives – If your trainer code generates more than $2500 in 6 months you will receive another tack item.  If your trainer code generates more than $5000 in 6 months you will receive another pad of your choosing.  Approved trainers generating the most sales will also be eligible for trials of new ThinLine products.   

There is a little bit of bad news – If your trainer code generates less than $1500 in a year’s time you will be dropped from the program. ThinLine reserves the right to discontinue the affiliation at any time.

Thinline is Proud to Introduce Our Team of Hunter/Jumper Trainers

The ThinLine Trainer Incentive is a group of trainers that strives to be the best they can be and offer the best care and guidance to their horses as well as their students.  See below if you would like to be part of our team.

Madison Brown | Samantha Krall | Megan Uditis

Sponsored Trainer Application

Not a hunter/jumper trainer? E-mail [email protected] to apply for another discipline.