Flexible Filly Muzzle Review


An honest & unpaid review from Decidely Equestrian!

Just like humans, every horse is different. When it comes to nutrition and dietary needs/restrictions, I have always wished I could explain to my “herd” why one horse gets a handful and the other gets a bucket of quality feed! Sam, a 22-year-old Morgan x TB on our review team has always been an “easy keeper.” In recent years, the need to control his weight and intake of fresh green grass has become urgent. He was diagnosed 8 years ago with DSLD and our veterinary team has expressed the need to keep him “fit” to reduce the amount of strain on his suspensory ligaments in his retired years.

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I have tried other grazing muzzles in the past, all of which either rubbed his skin raw, discouraged him from drinking or he was able to scratch off or hook on the fence to avoid having to use it. I also frequently worried about the safety of “turning out” with any kind of halter on him. What if he somehow caught the basket of the muzzle on a fence, a tree, or part of his run-in shelter? As much as we try to “toddler” proof their surroundings, let’s face it, a horse will find a way to get stuck on something! Thinline designed the Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle to be safe. It is softer, lighter, and less behaviorally restrictive. Constructed of a durable and pliable material that radically improves the horses’ feel. It is effective while also being soft on equine teeth and lips. The Flexible Filly Muzzle is well-ventilated and safe, rated to break just before your turnout halter.
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When I received the Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle, I was a little overwhelmed. There was the muzzle piece itself, twist ties, zip ties, a turnout halter with reinforced patches, and the halter pads. We received the Horse size with the 3+cm hole. I laid it all out on the table and was praying I could figure it out. Thinline is AMAZING when it comes to easy, step-by-step instructions, and I packed my entire box out to the barn. I assembled the halter pads on the turnout halter which was pretty straightforward, then I fit the halter to Sam.
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Once the muzzle was fitted, Sam was NOT happy. He fought the muzzle for almost 15 minutes initially. I would grab a handful of grass and push it up to the muzzle to reassure him he COULD eat with the muzzle on, and he would grab it. He tried to get his lips out of the side of the muzzle to eat, and it was not successful. It was a slight process and I started out hand grazing him the first few days, acclimating him to the fact that he was going to be able to eat. Once he was acclimated after a few days, I was able to turn him out for 12 hours with the muzzle on! He did well, seemed relaxed, and was able to drink, eat, and relax without stress! On our ranch, we turn out 12 hours per day on pasture, and then the muzzle is removed and Sam is given free choice hay in our mud lot or stall the other 12 hours of the day. The intake “hole” in the muzzle is easily adjustable, we received the standard 3cm option, but it is adjustable by increasing the size of the hole by cutting around the hole of the “plastic” material and widening the hole with a pair of household or bandage scissors, we did increase the size of the grazing hole by 1/2 inch with a pair of bandage scissors and it was VERY easy!
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We are now 12 weeks into the use of the muzzle, and although the clear muzzle itself is discolored, it has not lost any of its quality. After being in the elements and all over the field the muzzle itself and the halter/pads are in amazing condition, there are no rips, tears, cracks, or pills in any of the pieces that make up the grazing muzzle system! I have not seen ANY rubbing from the halter in Sammy’s “typical” rub spots or from the actual grazing muzzle. Sam is very sensitive to rubbing and wearing halters/fly masks so I was concerned about the fit. But there were zero issues.
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The best peace of mind even if you are unsure of making the jump is that they do offer a 6-month full replacement durability warranty on the Flexible Filly muzzle! So if you have a “destructive” equine companion, it is a huge advantage to other brands that may not be as durable or offer a durability guarantee! Thinline is high quality and they stand behind their product.
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We recommend attaching the muzzle with the ties through several holes for maximum security.


Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle

4.46 out of 5
(52 customer reviews)

From: $84.00

Soft, comfortable, effective.

Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle

Soft, comfortable, effective.

Turnout Halter for Grazing Muzzle

For perfect muzzle fit.

Halter Padding

Stays incredibly clean, will never rub.

Flexible Filly Muzzle Zip Ties


Softer, Smarter & Safer!

The Flexible Filly slow feed grazing muzzle is designed to be softer, lighter, and less behaviorally restrictive.


  • Safe and pliable food-grade material.
  • Infused UV skin protection.
  • No wear on equine teeth, comfortably soft on lips.
  • Well-ventilated, lightweight, flexible.
  • 2 grazing hole size options that can be modified to be larger.

Equine Behavioral Effects

  • Radically improves the horses’ ability to live a normal herd life in a muzzle.
  • Returns behaviors like wither scratching and play.
  • No fussing when putting the muzzle on.

Horse Owner Benefits

  • Your horse is both safe and comfortable.
  • You get the correct grazing hole size for all seasons, grass types, and hay.
  • Easy hydration with any bucket, trough, or automatic waterer.
  • Clear for easy monitoring.
  • You get to see your horse happy in a grazing muzzle.

Don’t take our word for it, read this organic review from Decidedly Equestrian!

horse grazing muzzle benefitsa horse grazing with a muzzle

Available Sizes –  Order by your horse’s halter size. *order down if you are in between.

  • Mini/Pony: Larger Miniature horses up to large pony.
  • Cob/Horse: Cob, Arabian, Quarter Horse, small horses.
  • Oversize/Draft: Larger horses, drafts, warmbloods.

About Grazing Muzzle Hole Sizes. Good to know!

flexible filly muzzleEvery horse’s needs are different so we offer you a fully customizable grazing hole for all metabolic and environmental issues. Our 2 grazing hole sizes: Standard 3.5+cm & Restricted 2.5+cm. May be enlarged as needed.

  • The Grazing hole size you need is a function of BOTH the grass type (wide blade grasses require a larger hole size) and the degree you want to reduce intake.
  • The types of grass your horse is on should be considered when selecting grazing hole size.  Southern grasses like Bermuda are very thin. Wider bladed grasses such as fescue will need a larger grazing hole size to allow the thick blade in.  Place your grazing hole on the grass and make sure some grass can get in.

Industry Standards:

The industry manufacturing standard for grazing muzzles is ±3.5 cm, a bit larger than our Standard Size.

Veterinarian recommendations for safe grazing in a grazing muzzle:

  • 3.5 to 4 cm grazing hole for 24/7, full-time grazing. Standard.
  • 2+ cm for Restricted grazing; Laminitis, equine metabolic syndromes. Restricted.

Package Includes:

  1. Grazing Muzzle
  2. Instructions
  3. Twist ties for initial setup
  4. 12 permanent ties – 55# tensile strength
  5. Reusable packaging

Famous for Innovation in Shock Absorbing Equine Products – ThinLine hopes you enjoy the muzzle in addition to our full line of tack.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Muzzle Size

Mini to Pony, Oversize to Draft, Cob to Horse

Grazing Hole Size

Restricted 2.5+ cm, Full 3.5+ cm

Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle

Muzzle Size

Mini to Pony, Oversize to Draft, Cob to Horse

Grazing Hole Size

Restricted 2.5+ cm, Full 3.5+ cm

Halter Padding

Halter Size

Cob, Horse, Medium Mini, Oversize, Large Pony, Small Pony

Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Very simple!

  • First, you can place the horse muzzle in a net washing bag and wash it in cold water with detergent and a teaspoon of bleach.
  • Second, more extended clean, stick it in a bucket with dish soap and a cap full of bleach.

Warranty Policy

ThinLine Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle Warranty

  • Up to 30 days: Falls under our ThinLine Satisfaction Guarantee.  Just return the new, unaltered item for a full refund.
  • Up to 6 Months:
    • 50% discount on the purchase of a new muzzle. Email a copy of your receipt and a photo of the muzzle damage to receive a 50% off discount code. Please note the warranty requirements below.

*Note: discoloration does not affect product performance and is not covered under warranty.  Periodically clean your muzzle in a bucket with soap and bleach.

Warranty Requirements:

  • ThinLine zip ties must be used.
  • A breakaway halter must be used.
  • Photos and proof of purchase are required.

Please note: Your horse’s safety is paramount. Safety breakpoints are in place to prevent the risk of injury to your horse while wearing the grazing muzzle and the breakaway halter.

Normal wear and tear included but not limited to:

  • Discoloration, teeth marks/grazing hole wear caused by exuberant grazers or pasture mates.
  • Damage caused by a safety feature working, resulting in a torn fin.

For a 30-day return, muzzles cannot be modified.

Grazing Hole Wear:
Most horses use this muzzle for an entire grazing season (or some get up to three!) without evident wear, and some will wear the grazing hole in a few months. It will depend on how aggressive your horse is with its teeth, how many hours a day that it’s worn, and other environmental factors. One of the great features of this muzzle is that it does not damage teeth or cause painful wear.

If you experience some wear at the grazing hole, just keep an eye on it. When the hole becomes too large, over about 5 cm, you will need to purchase a new muzzle. If your horse is being super aggressive when grazing, the hole size may be too small for the grass they are trying to graze on. Allowing it to enlarge a bit or cutting a larger hole yourself will often resolve the excessive wear.


Fitting Directions

How to attach your ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle.

Have a look at the below short 5 step video, and you’ll get it in a blink!

Step 1

Use the enclosed paper ties or a string to discover the best holes to secure your horse muzzle to your halter.  The paper ties are a temporary tool allowing you to easily adjust the fit.

Step 2

Two of the “fins” have a triangle cut out. These attach to the square (side) rings on your turnout halter. Three fins will connect to the noseband, one in the center, and the other two fall naturally to the sides of the center.  Three fins will connect to the chin band; one in the center, two naturally to the sides of the center.

Step 3

First, secure each triangle cut-out fin with one of the enclosed low-profile cable ties.  Do not wrap the fins around the halter, doing so may cause rubs.

Step 4

When properly installed, the grazing muzzle should be close to but not touching the nose of the horse. If the grazing muzzle is touching the nose simply make the fins under the chin longer, this will lift the muzzle away from the nose. Or, simply lower your halter!

Step 5

Once you are satisfied you have the correct holes aligned to the halter please remove the paper ties or string and permanently secure the horse muzzle with the included cable ties.  After finding the best fit for your horse, simply trim the excess fin material just above the top hole being used.

It is fine to wait a day or two to ensure your muzzle is a comfortable distance from your horse’s mouth before trimming.  The “keeper” on the cable tie is on the outside of the muzzle and the excess is facing down and trimmed close.

If you have fitted the grazing muzzle properly and the muzzle is the correct size it will work famously. If you find there is too much grazing room be sure your fins are snugly secured to your halter.  The fins should not move along the noseband if it does simply pull the cable tie tighter.

Additional Fitting Tips

With the horse’s head in the upright position it is OK if the muzzle lightly touches the lips. Horses spend most of their time with heads at ground level. Lower their head to check there is about a half inch of clearance when the horse is in grazing position.

If your horse is attempting to eat out of the sides, this generally means they are not able to get grass through the center hole.  The size of the center grazing hole needs to work with other variables such as the height and thickness of the grazing grass.  We provide the smallest of grazing holes with the ability to enlarge it.  Just look to see if you might need to enlarge the hole.

If the problem persists, check the horse’s fit while in the grazing position.

a) Lower your halter and make sure your muzzle is not on the top hole, the more “leggy” the fins are the easier it is for them to try to eat out of the sides.  Raise the entire muzzle up several holes.  If this does not work you might need a smaller muzzle.

b) Make sure the fins between the front (or back) fin and the side (attached to the square ring) are evenly spaced.  If you have the fins neighboring the center front or center rear too close to the center one the horse will be able to eat out of the sides rather than the grazing hole.

The closer you fit the muzzle to your horses’ lips the less likely it is they will step on the muzzle and tear it.

52 reviews for Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle

  1. 71bf8f3cf71ca438f4d0df36e4a5f4d8?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5


    5 out of 5 stars! I love this grazing muzzle! It’s lightweight and durable. My horse loves it because it’s not bulky like his other one. He hates the other ones. They’re hard for him to breathe out of. Hoping a version for a miniature horse will be available soon!! My mini breaks grazing muzzles all the time.

  2. 2ac9623b94e6f578cad2cfee0617d073?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Regina (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle!!!!!! I’ve heard people say that it is just expensive plastic and complaints about the cost, but I will say this thing works great so it is worth it! Because of it my horse gets to spend spring and summer in the pasture instead of the pen. I like that you can choose your own breakaway halter to go with it. My horse does have some rub marks from his halter so I ordered the thinline halter guards to help with that and am looking forward to seeing how well they work. I will say I feel like the zip ties that come with the halter would not keep my horse from losing his muzzle so I chose to get some a little stronger. I know they have a reason for the zip ties that come with it, but I just didn’t feel they would be strong enough to keep my horse from losing his muzzle.
    One very nice thing is you are given a trial period that if it is not working for you, you can send it back.
    If you choose this muzzle I really hope it works as well for you as it has me. All the other muzzles out there are heavy or damage the horses teeth. This is lightweight and my horses teeth look good so far.
    Once again, this is a great muzzle and I can not say enough good things about it.

  3. aa2f6bde6a9c1be599bd77b7ac50a5d7?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    1 out of 5


    Just looking at the photos it seems the plastic is over their nostrils in most photos. Not something I’d buy unless that feature was greatly modified.

  4. 586b8d018f3312f448f27783d1cd0f29?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    4 out of 5

    Janice Mueller (verified owner)

    I love everything about this muzzle (the clear plastic, the breathing room, the adjustability, the durabiliyty) except one thing — the eating hole is too big (at least for some horses). It is noticeably bigger than the hole in the Best Friends muzzle. My equine nutritionist scored my boy an 8 out of 9 on the BCS scale (“fat”) and said that for him, the grazing hole is too big and lets him get too much grass. He wears the ThinLine muzzle 12 hours a day on pasture, and is on a sand dry lot with small amount of grass hay the remaining 12 hours a day. ThinLine, I hope you’ll consider offering the muzzle in more than one size opening for the overweight horse!

  5. d47c07d9b9fffbd74193d5c3aa10a520?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Pam Johnson (verified owner)

    I’m not much to review but I feel like sharing how this has worked for us. It has been wonderful. Three things that I can say have been great for us..1.. is he doesn’t throw his head when putting it on everyday. 2.. Very light weight for all day wearing. 3… He can get into our automatic waterer. It’s a little pricey. Hopefully it last a while but I would highly recommend this muzzle.

  6. c009442393591e4549da3b68e946b426?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    4 out of 5


    I have 2 of these muzzles now. The first one I bought in the beginning of June and I received the second one 2 days ago. My air ferns are out on pasture at night and in stalls during the day. Their old muzzles, they used to chew the hole in the bottom bigger to the point that they were useless. So far, I am very impressed with how the Thinline is holding up. It is lightweight and seems quite comfortable.

    I do have a couple suggestions that I feel would improve these muzzles, IMHO. I think the hole in the bottom could be smaller. I would also be happier if they came on their own halter instead of having to attach it myself. The first one, I put on a regular halter and even though I ran the zip ties in between the two layers of the halter, it still caused a rub on my pony’s nose overnight. After that I attached it to my old grazing muzzle and just cut the old basket out. The old muzzle had a nice wide (like 3″) noseband with padding and had adjustable cheeks, throat and crown. I did the same with the other muzzle I just got for my other horse. So far, no one has had any rubs or escaped from their muzzle, so I am quite happy. Thank you for your quality products!

  7. 87781466832327f970c4f70f0166797e?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Jill Ellsasser (verified owner)

    My horse wears this without a fight. The zip ties have held up the entire season.if I could make one suggestion….make the hole smaller. My boys both live outside 24/7 on super lush fields, during peak grass season I need a smaller hole and have to switch back to the old heavy muzzles ( they both hate them, it’s a huge struggle to get them on. Please please make a smaller hole for the cob size muzzles, Harlan and Beau will thank you ( I will also!)

  8. 02dc46441dc4b6cc04cff3e07f383ebf?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    4 out of 5

    Sue Martinson

    This is by far the best muzzle I’ve purchased and believe me, I’ve probably purchased them all. The only thing I’m a bit disappointed in is when I originally purchased the muzzle I contacted customer service and they told me the muzzle generally last about a year. It seems my horse goes through one every six months.

  9. 01bd8ad1278427bbf6781d95a69ae08c?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Tiffany Patterson (verified owner)

    Awesome product! Very durable—my horse typically can destroy a muzzle in 2 months flat…either the muzzle gets damaged or the harness straps break. With this product I can fix either problem and the plastic seems more resistant to wear. We’re at 5 months and it still is like new and my mare wears this daily for night turn out. She can still get some grass…but totally slows her down! Highly recommend!

  10. d316c8881af036475db65d2df9a50245?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Susan Drover (verified owner)

    As the owner of an extremely easy keeper, I’ve always needed a grazing muzzle for my mare. I made the switch last year from one of the most popular muzzles on the market, to the Flexible Filly muzzle and I don’t regret the decision! My mare was much more comfortable in the summer heat, and she never got a rub or a sore from it. The only thing I felt that could have been improved was the option of a smaller hole and now we have it! Thank you to ThinLine for responding to customer feedback, and for providing an excellent product to help keep those “air ferns” at a healthy weight!

  11. c24ff7ede8773a5003a5691f5bdfefd5?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Autumn Brown (verified owner)

    The ONLY muzzle to ever buy again! Absolutely love these for my quarter horse and mini!

  12. 2df6481fb1ab5e4163e316b5f459ff81?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Jamie Campbell (verified owner)

    This is such a well designed grazing muzzle. I have a big warmblood, and I was using another grazing muzzle but it rubbed her under her chin, so I needed to fix that. This is a very kind muzzle. It is loose and doesn’t rub around her mouth. One of the ties holding it to the halter did rub a spot on the top of her nose, but adjusting the position of that tie solved that problem. I anticipated that she would resent having to wear a muzzle, but she is very tolerant of it and doesn’t seem to mind at all. I’ve been using it for over a year now, and my mare has trimmed down and is looking good. Sometimes I use it 24/7, and other times I just use it for 12 hour stretches. It has held up fine, I even put it in the washer to clean it and that worked. It is a great help in keeping her weight down and I recommend it to anyone who has a green pastures but easy keepers, or any horse needing grazing restriction.

  13. 9e3dac098a0b3d2ea27425806e484f38?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Ineke van Waardenburg

    Finally a muzzle that I feel good about using on my horse. I tried many other muzzles and they were all ill fitting and heavy, resulting in pressure on the poll and sores around his mouth and chin. Zero problems with this one. My horse doesn’t mind it at all and comes over to me and slips his head right in when it’s time for turnout.

  14. 852ca9d1fbe9433ad405b0a994345f44?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Lee Webster Ramensky (verified owner)

    Love the Thin Line Flexible Filly grazing muzzles. This time of year is deadly for Connemaras in California. The fast growing Spring grass is too hot for my Irish air ferns. The muzzle lets them nibble, but not gorge and prevents them from getting the hottest part of the plant at the roots. An added benefit to reducing risk of over grazing is that it keeps my naughty gelding from pulling off the youngster’s fly sheet and mask.

  15. 869b742ec32810f5d96b3a3616eef5f0?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Sue Stone (verified owner)

    Flexible Filly is by far the very best grazing muzzle on the market, and I have tried many others. It is so lightweight it does not rub on the horse. It is very easy to properly fit the horse using first the disposable ties, then finalizing with the zip ties. There are many vents for great air flow. The most important thing is to make sure your halter you use properly fits the horse behind the jaw line, and then it is impossible for them to remove. I have two horses wearing them to prevent laminitis, and neither has drawn back from placing it on them. They are able to graze and be a horse again instead of being on dry lot. One is on it’s second year with no visible wear and tear, so yes they are very durable. I highly recommend!

  16. 01c1f1bd021c18ea81a209ce6913825b?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Laura (verified owner)

    Bought two grazing muzzles for my mare & gelding – both 16 years old. They have made the difference between the horses being in a dry lot or being free to roam the pasture. I had bought two of another brand and both horses were fighting having them put on. No fight with the Thinline’s. I think initially it was because they are light and see through. The previous muzzles were hard black plastic and were uncomfortable and cut down on their ability to breath. In a perfect world, they could just eat all day – but they are easy keepers and would end up in trouble fast without being able to restrict their intake. They are in the muzzles 16 hours a day and in the stall the remaining 8. They are in great shape and still enjoying being a horse. I was also happy with the quality. I figured it would be a once a year expense – but we are on year two and the Thinlne’s are still holding up.

  17. 87781466832327f970c4f70f0166797e?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    jillellsasser (verified owner)

    I love this muzzle, my boys live outside 24/7 at a boarding barn with super lush grass so grazing muzzles are a must. I have spent 14 YEARS doing muzzle battle, un marks, teeth wearing out the fight to get them on, keep them on etc. last year I tried Thin line muzzle it’s a life changer! No fighting, much much easier on teeth ( confirmed by my vet). Easy on light weight I cannot say enough about this amazing product. I also love the second size option for the hole, Perfect for my super easy keeper, he even goes into winter a bit chubby, they definitely get enough to eat.

  18. 4e122de115d0177b21c694aada061167?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5


    I have tried more expensive grazing muzzles for my mare with EMS and the best of them was still ruining her teeth. Finally a functional mask that stays in place and works, and she doesn’t seem to mind it at all. Thanks

  19. 93e000df1b7f8c076a81130e0595378f?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5


    Great product. My sensitive horse gets rubbed by everything. This muzzle hasn’t left a mark on him and he’s been far more comfortable and tolerant of wearing it

  20. b839d7533550520c4596a19da7f59f36?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Cristie Leto (verified owner)

    I bought the muzzle and the halter and the padding. Been using old-fashioned muzzles for years and always struggling to attach scraps of fleece in the right places to prevent the sores that always resulted. Hated feeling sorry every time I put it on her. Finally, a muzzle that doesn’t cause any sores, and is sooo much lighter. I’m sure she’s much, much more comfortable, which makes me happy.

  21. e9e5ead233b3a3b84a89e53360f1a6b1?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    4 out of 5

    Meghan Merker

    I love this muzzle. The design, the non-toxic materials, the comfort and freedom it gives my horses. The only reason I’m giving four stars rather than five is that after two months of use, only at night, a chunk broke off the edge of the hole on my muzzle, enlarging the hole to an unusable size. This wouldn’t have happened if the holes were made with a reinforcement ring around them, like many other muzzles have. And for the price, which is high, the hole should hold up better than it did. That is my only complaint. I’m reordering now, because of my horses’ comfort, and hoping it was a fluke accident and won’t happen again.

  22. 091b22c2f70314c7ad7bcb9e93e0dfa1?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Lee Young

    I have a suggestion for people who are afraid they might lose the clear muzzle in the field and not be able to find it. Cut smallish sections of reflective tape (the kind you can buy to put on the side of your horse trailer for better visibility at night) and place them on the outside of the muzzle on all four sides. I trail ride and put the neon duct tape on items that I might drop so they are easier to find. Rider for 58 years now. Western pleasure, Hunter Equitation, Eventing, Fox Hunting, Carriage, Gaited Pleasure, Trail Riding.

  23. 1983853b1fe9ee72d53df3fec4dcf307?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Janet S (verified owner)

    I just purchased the thin line, pony sized grazing muzzle for my mini. He is a large mini cross (big boned and thick 39 1/2″ high guy). I love the muzzle. It is fits him well, is lightweightand breathable. It doesn’t get hot like the black basket muzzles will. Best of all, he doesn’t look like miserable but he is still wearing a muzzle. Go figure! He lost weight right away too, so it is working! I also ordered him the thinline halter but it was too big (pony size), so I used his current halter with zipties for the muzzle. The thinline padding straps are absolutely the Best! I highly recommend purchasing those whether you buy their halter or not. I have bought and made my own padding for his other muzzles, but I have never used anything as nice as these are. If your horse wears a muzzle, these are a must buy imo.

  24. 493b0a4e1b13daa52e86493920d92695?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Christa (verified owner)

    I love this grazing muzzle! I have used many over the years but this one has been the best so far. Love that it is adjustable, fits my hard to fit fat pony wonderfully! And it leaves no rub marks. Also, love that it is easily washable. All around great muzzle!

  25. 097ce6b57ac79d78e0b2db1eb885b7fe?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    3 out of 5

    linda barnes

    First time muzzle owner. Have had it on my 20 year old Morgan mare for about 3 months now. Loved everything about it except I just noticed she has bitten the hole bigger, Actually taken a piece out and there are about three 1/2″ tears along the hole. We did make the hole about 1/2cm larger but made sure the hole was smooth and even when we trimmed it. She has no problem wearing it and she only grazes for 2 hours a day. We also purchased the grazing halter to make sure it fit just perfect. Any suggestions as we will need a new one.

  26. ac788b4f77466f3c8899dc5796fec111?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Elaine Thousand

    Great customer service! I wasn’t sure I had the muzzle correctly fitted and the representative was very helpful on the phone. I recommend buying the compatible halter, it’s a lot easier to get the muzzle to hang straight. I was pleased to see my horse drinking from the automatic waterer without a problem due to the muzzle’s flexible material.

  27. 6b3d58dd8cf073298ecac7d21f5ec421?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    3 out of 5


    One star for first horse; 5 stars for second horse. Pro is that horses have no problem using waterer. Cons – one horse eats from the side between the fins, even w/ muzzle in contact w/ his lips. I enlarged the hole but he still prefers to go between the fins. Got a rub mark on his lip from doing so. He (or a turnout pal) also tore off the bottom fin. The muzzle has worked well for the second horse.

  28. 88bb59f1bdbe7ef7056a668f279cfc62?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Megan (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product. I have an extremely easy keeper who has hated every other muzzle I’ve put on him. This muzzle is completely different, he doesn’t mind getting it put on every night and it keeps the weight OFF! Will be buying this again in the future.

  29. 171ad2e237bf3e51b3ed16d01f0eb483?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5


    Teeth saver! My pony is really sensitive to grass and spends quite.a bit of time in a muzzle. The harder ones were wearing his teeth, the wear is growing out w this one!
    NB..you really have to check the adjustment…the little dweeb figured how to eat out the sides at one point! And if you have a really food motivated one, keep a few extra zip ties on hand.

  30. 5296e0c66e84ae6f40a1ce9a1f216e2b?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Tina Evans (verified owner)

    LOVE-LOVE-LOVE! This is the FIRST grazing muzzle my IR gelding has NOT tried to destroy by finding a tree or fence post to try and take off. It’s also the first one his pasture mate brother has not tried to grab hold of and try to pull off either! LOL. He no longer runs the other direction when he sees it in my hand so no more chasing all over 5.5 acres! It’s comfortable enough for him to wear now where at times he won’t come in at night to have me remove it; he can still eat hay through it; and moreover, he can still grab the jolly ball and play with his brother with no issues! He’s never tried to eat from the sides either. I love the fact that this muzzle allows more air flow than all the others we’ve used and it also allows me to have his fly mask on without ‘overheating’ him. I also love that it doesn’t “press” on his nose because it’s so lightweight and it’s even UV protected. While I normally purchase “Cob” size for him, I did have to get the draft size for him. The Cob size was just too small for him. He’s a SSH, but his head is a bit larger than most. The Draft size fits perfectly tho. I also used a regular halter (irony here,, had to go to a pony size halter, reg. size was too big! LOL) and had no issues at all. The muzzle attached to it easily and fit him the way instructions said it was supposed to. It’s been a win/win! Excellent product. I highly recommend this muzzle over all others now.

  31. fc6d87d9a9679def3afb9cdba278f55c?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    3 out of 5

    Jessica Manson (verified owner)

    This muzzle is the only one I have found that’s comfortable for my horse. However, after about 6 weeks of wear, it is beginning to rip and I need to replace it. It’s worth buying again to keep my horse happy, but I’m not looking forward to spending $75 every 6 weeks or so.

  32. b89df87a96850efa65eae2f41dabffe5?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Devon Dent (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the ThinLine Grazing Muzzle! I’ve had it for almost 2 weeks now. One of my favorite parts is that I was able to use my own halter. Luckily the one I have is adjustable to be a bit larger, which works best for this. Setting up the muzzle was very easy and straight forward with the instructions included. They include “bread ties” to simply adjust properly and the flat laying zip ties hold the placement secure. I did buy the halter pads which help keep everything off of her face, she has NO rub marks! My mare got used to the muzzle very easily as well as drinking water with it on, too! It is easy to clean and I did take a small scissors to widen the opening just a bit more. I like the flexible plastic, it DID NOT leave jagged areas when I cut the opening and there are no teeth/scraping marks on it and her teeth and gums do not look damaged so far. I have a very moody mare and she actually does not seem to mind putting this on and she can be a great Houdini.

    I tried the Deluxe Tough 1 with V-Straps and it just did not fit her head properly no matter how I adjusted the multiple straps and I’d say she has a pretty average quarter horse face. The basket muzzle didn’t seem as easy to clean either. As for visuals, I love the clear look of the muzzle – less Hannibal Lector look.

    Thank you, ThinLine!

  33. 0db5ab5aef50e2d20261149a162179d3?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Jenny and Hope (verified owner)

    My farrier recommended your ThinLine Grazing Muzzle. It was easy to fit (I bought your halter too) and my horse immediately went back to grazing – it took her NO time to acclimate to the new muzzle at all. She can drink with it on, it doesn’t seem to bother her in hot weather – and it stays ON and doesn’t rub or chafe. She also wears it so that she doesn’t get sunburned on her very pink Appy muzzle. It’s also nice because it doesn’t look too “offensive” like some of the other muzzles on the market, so I have no problem putting it on (and I have no guilt about leaving it on). I was so excited about the muzzle that I even sent pictures and a video to my equine veterinarian! Thank you ThinLine!

  34. edbddd6d907d0906abea7fb905b94f26?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    3 out of 5


    Love the design and the comfort, but unless you come up with a heavy-duty reinforced design I won’t be buying again. My mare has torn the hole larger in 3 weeks. She normally tears the bottom from the bucket style in less than an hour, so I guess it’s some improvement.

  35. 6e0cb4417356c10dce7aa625597853a3?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    LizUpNorth (verified owner)

    FINALLY A GRAZING MUZZLE MY HORSES ACCEPT AS IT IS COMFORTABLE! I had tried nearly every grazing muzzle on the market and was about to give up when I found Flexible Filly by Thinline. I purchase both the muzzle and the custom halter for my fat Friesian Cross gelding and my thoroughbred mare who recently had a bout of laminitis. The plastic is cool, comfortable, easy to rinse clean and no rubs. My horses do not attempt to remove the muzzle/halters on trees or fence anymore as they actually accept the Flexible Filly. I noted that some customers complain about the muzzle coming off but please remember if your horse should entrap his muzzle or halter on an object you want it to break free to avoid injury. Those zip ties are designed to release with a certain amount of tension as a safety feature–just like the breakaway strap on the halter. I am very happy with this product as is my equine vet. A great investment for my horses’ heath and well being.

  36. 2ad29f5ba8577ffcf93d8ea19690c67b?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Jill Klosterman (verified owner)

    Just purchased my third flexible filly muzzle. My horses come to me to put them on and they don’t seem to have any issues wearing them. Definitely has improved their quality of life. Also, thinline customer service is stellar!!

  37. d43bf36b44f08004fd779eeb19f9161b?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Candice Rogers (verified owner)

    5 stars. I have a Gypsy Vanner- food is her middle name. I had tried 3 different basket style muzzles and she hated everyone. She would find a way to get it off or pout and not graze.
    When I put the Thinline muzzle on her (along with the thinline halter and padding), she started grazing immediately and hasn’t looked back. It is amazing. I love that you can adjust the size of the grazing hole. The thinline halter makes it so easy to attach and adjust (and doesn’t cause rubs).
    I did buy a size too large (didn’t measure first) but I was able to mess with it and get it to work fine for her.
    I love this muzzle and highly recommend it. It is the only one I will use.

  38. 419ebcd1298139afe407742f1d989348?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Jen (verified owner)

    I finally ordered the flexible filly muzzle after trying a less expensive alternative. I should not have waited! This muzzle, along with the matching halter and the padding, are well worth it. Far better fit, far better ventilation, and no rubbing when compared with other muzzles on the market. My PPID gelding is happy with this muzzle, and therefore so am I!

  39. 446654921f91c8d78e925223b65c0c3a?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    valerie pedersen (verified owner)

    I have Fjords. They require muzzling spring and fall. We have tried 3 other brands over the years, but Thinline has put a lot of thought into their muzzle. It is much cooler, lighter, and less bulky, yet still does the job of limiting grass intake. We are happy.

  40. b2ef876d22e9a94e02155e0113c193be?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Jennifer Karlen (verified owner)

    This is the only muzzle I will use. My horse seems to tolerate it very well. He hast to wear a muzzle nearly year round. I have not tried the recommended turn out, halter with padding, but that will be my next purchase.

  41. 83c8cd084ad5939d80c1f330634ceb2d?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5


    Fantastic muzzle – best one on the market. Every horse at my barn wears one. Highly recommend.

  42. 4fd4cda227bf0b00f188a4187e4d18ab?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5


    My draft is a heavy grazer. He will go through the average black muzzle in 2 weeks. He gets fat on air so a muzzle is needed when he is in turnout. This muzzle left the least amount of rubbing (I did not purchase the special halter) out of all the ones I have tried. This muzzle lasted about 7 months, which is just outside of the warranty period. I will say that I wish the muzzle was a bright color so it would be easier to find in the big field when the Houdini pulls it off. The flexibility and breathability is nice. I rotate between this muzzle and a Green Guard depending on the forage, this muzzle is flexible and soft so works pretty well for hay and grass.

  43. 10dcc5804d1a3fc2ca227e113576faa1?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    WaterHorse Farm

    I have two of these grazing muzzles, they have survived and withstood a world class escape artist. They are light, well ventilated and durable.

  44. f470c5fe1f6b091e7017fa1bdd7d26b7?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    1 out of 5

    Natalie (verified owner)

    Unfortunately my horse slipped out of this grazing muzzle multiple times even when I readjusted it. It was not worth it in the end.

  45. 184f874b254e90a28aea29a6059172bb?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    rfootie64 (verified owner)

    We describe our Paint as an efficient eater! He needs a muzzle 24/7 to maintain a reasonable weight. I have tried many styles of muzzles over the years and found the Flexible Filly to be perfect for him. I feel he can breath so much better in this style and it seems much cooler. It does not hold water after he drinks so it doesn’t get heavy. He is very cooperative when putting the muzzle on; I attribute this to the fact that he is comfortable in it. The first one lasted over a year before the hole started to wear and get bigger. I purchased the halter last year as well and simply attached the new muzzle to it. Levi was able to wear through other brands in a matter of weeks so this is a major improvement!. Thank you for such a great product!

  46. 6631a1f1522788f8b5f4fd7588555afe?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Evelyn Mancuso

    I really like the Thin Line grazing muzzle. This was the third purchase. The other two lasted a couple of seasons and finally the plastic split from old age. My only complaint is the muzzle yellows from the sun. I do wash it every evening since she is in at night The muzzle allows her to be in the field with her buddies instead of a drylot alone. Wonderful product!

  47. 7fdf82b53212394f5c516be6fcd76deb?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    SunnySD (verified owner)

    I’m using the pony-size grazing muzzle on a very portly miniature donkey. He’s opinionated and stubborn, and if something isn’t comfortable he’s not shy about letting me know. He wears it during the day so he can go out to the big pasture with the horses rather than being dry-lotted. I originally ordered the whole package with the muzzle, pads and the pony-halter. Unfortunately, the halter was oversized for him, but the muzzle and pony-size padding work just fine with a breakaway version of his usual size halter, and he adjusted to it very quickly. He’s been wearing it for about a month now, and is slowly starting to slim down, which was the goal. He’s not starving at the end of the day, is not fighting me about having it put on in the morning, and thus far I’m very pleased. An unplanned bonus is the protection the muzzle provides from flies around his nose; between his flymask and the muzzle, his face is well protected, which he seems to appreciate.

  48. bf85ab8e92b4024c2f648aa1c948ff26?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    1 out of 5

    lilian Boldt

    My minidonkey has EMS and needs to wear a muzzle all the time. she has the traditional one and has wore it for a couple of years. I got this one, to have a lighter approach. but it does not fit a minidonkey´s nose. Nostrils are too small to allow for airflow, bottom is too large to be comfortably wore.
    It is too loose on sides of the muzzle and minidonkey constantly tries to rub it off.
    Just not the correct size.

  49. e05072514900a964a8c0ba4424523dfe?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    1 out of 5


    This muzzle seemed to work ok and didn’t rub like thr previous one that we tried – however in about 3 months it was pulled off and ripped. The material does not seem durable, and now we’ve got a useless, overpriced muzzle. I found another brand that I think we’ll try next that had a 1 year warranty. Final synopsis: overpriced and didn’t hold up for us – would not buy again.

  50. 40b135f3c24f23c1687d540cbf1e9d69?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Nicole Marandola

    this is fantastic for my draft x with PSSM. we’ve been using it daily for about 6 months now and it’s still in near perfect condition. my horse is used to wearing a muzzle so she isn’t hard on it. highly recommend!

  51. 3a73bad571059f60316b27d79cefc249?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Leslie Robinson (verified owner)

    I got a grazing muzzle for my mini mule that loves her groceries a little too much! Great product! Got the small pony sized halter and found that it was a little big (mules heads are shaped differently) and then reordered the mini sized and it fit well. My mule tolerates it without making a fuss!! The muzzle is soft yet sturdy and gives her lots of room for her nose. I would definately recommend it! Great quality and service.

  52. ede7a38b6b1f1a7fd8e1a9c5edb9a627?s=60&d=mm&r=g
    5 out of 5

    Virginia (verified owner)

    My mini donkey does not get as gassy with this muzzle, he can breathe much better than with the heavier types of muzzles. I have to buy a new one because his friends pull on the front and have broken the plastic holes, however, it lasts as long as the other types of gazing muzzles, I go through around 1/2 muzzles in a season anyway.

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    How do you enlarge the hole?
  1. Q How do you enlarge the hole? answer now

    Thank you for your question! The grazing hole can be enlarged to meet your horse's individual grazing needs with a pair of heavy-duty scissors or a utility knife. 

    2.5+cm is the vet-recommended size for horses with existing medical issues and 3.5+cm is the vet-recommended size for general weight management and disease prevention.  Please note that enlarging the grazing hole size voids the warranty coverage. 

  2. I’m only seeing one hole option for the pony size. Are there two options available or just the smaller opening? Thanks!
  3. Q I’m only seeing one hole option for the pony size. Are there two options available or just the sm...... Read more answer now

    Thank you for your question! You're correct, the mini/pony muzzle is only available in the smaller size grazing hole. The larger hole size was found to allow more forage intake than desired for a lot of the smaller guys. Please give us a call at 919-680-6803 or email info@thinlineglobal for more help!

  4. Does this prevent them from ingesting sand?
  5. Q Does this prevent them from ingesting sand? answer now

    Thank you for your interest in our Flexible Filly Muzzle and for your question regarding grazing muzzles. Grazing muzzles are primarily designed to limit the amount of grass a horse consumes, helping to manage their weight and prevent overgrazing. While they can reduce the amount of sand a horse might ingest while grazing, they are not specifically designed to prevent sand ingestion entirely. To best protect your horse from sand colic or ingestion, it's important to provide a clean grazing area and consider other preventive measures like feeding from raised feeders. If you have concerns about sand ingestion, I recommend consulting with your veterinarian for tailored advice. Please let me know if you have any other questions or if there's anything else I can assist you with.

  6. What are the safety measures of the muzzle and the head collar. What should break if the horse gets caught. How often do the cable ties break?
  7. Q What are the safety measures of the muzzle and the head collar. What should break if the horse ge...... Read more answer now

    Thank you for your question! Keeping your horse safe from laminitis and possible pasture accidents is paramount.

    There are several safety breakpoints built into the muzzle setup- the cable ties, the breakaway leather crown piece on the halter, and the muzzle material itself.

    The cable ties are rated to break at 55 lbs of pressure and typically give away first, which is great because those are easy to replace!

    Depending on the nature of the situation and the direction of the pressure, one or more of the safety breakpoints will release the horse.




  8. Do you have any experience using this muzzle with slow feed hay bags? My horse is very adept at getting hay out of the bags and needs to lose weight, but his buddy doesn't need restriction and I don't want to have to separate them.
  9. Q Do you have any experience using this muzzle with slow feed hay bags? My horse is very adept at g...... Read more answer now

    Hi Aunna! Thanks for your question!

    Most horses are able to eat hay through the muzzle and it definitely slows down their intake. The grazing hole size is enlargeable, so you'll be able to customize it if he needs a little more room to be able to get enough, but not too much hay.

    The muzzles come with a great 30-day satisfaction period, so please feel free to give it a try! 

  10. I ordered the Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle and my horse seems to be comfortable in it. One thing I noticed is that the rubber part (where you use zip ties) is starting to curve inwards and rubbing my horse's face/nose some. My horse does have a fairly narrow muzzle. I'm wondering if I need a different size? Or if the manufacturer has any recommendations? Or even suggestions to prevent the rubbing?
  11. Q I ordered the Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle and my horse seems to be comfortable in it. One thing...... Read more answer now

    Hi Jill! Thank you for your questions!

    It sounds like we're talking about the ends of the muzzle fins that attach to the noseband. If any of the fin extends past the noseband once it's attached, it can be trimmed eaily with scissors. 

    Please feel free to email photos of your horse in their muzzle to us at [email protected] for personalized help!


  12. I am having issues with my horse pulling the whole thing off quite easily (i have the special halter too). I find that if I were to snug up the poll strap to make it harder for him to pull it off, then the muzzle itself is too snug against his mouth (I’m on the longest hole options too). Are there any tricks to prevent him from removing his halter/muzzle combo so easily?
  13. Q I am having issues with my horse pulling the whole thing off quite easily (i have the special hal...... Read more answer now

    Hi Kate! Happy to help!

    We find that fit can really make a big difference here. Please email photos of your horse in their halter and muzzle to [email protected] and we'll be glad to see if we can make any fitting suggestions. 

    General escape prevention tips-

    • Some owners have good luck tying a length of baling twine around the crown piece and then tying it into a braid in the mane.
    • Other owners have added a separate, thin leather throatlatch to the set up to prevent the halter from coming off over the ears.



  14. Both of my mares are getting rubbed on the tip of the nasal bones even with padding. Help with fit please!?
  15. Q Both of my mares are getting rubbed on the tip of the nasal bones even with padding. Help with fi...... Read more answer now

    Hi Barbara, thanks for reaching out about your horses' muzzle fit! Please send photos of your horses in their muzzles from the front, side, and back to [email protected]. Happy to help!

  16. My mare truly hates muzzles, to the point where she’s impossible for my husband to halter when he’s alone. Ideally, I’d turn her out 24/7 in the Flexible Filly muzzle, but she gets a ration balancer and Vitamin E. Dumb question, but can she eat her pelleted ration balancer while wearing the muzzle?
  17. Q My mare truly hates muzzles, to the point where she’s impossible for my husband to halter when he...... Read more answer now

    Her ability to eat ration balancer will depend upon the grazing hole size you have. The 2.5 cm hole will be a little small for the pellets. The 3.5 cm hole should work well. You can always enlarge the hole with a box cutter.  Hoping this helps your husband too!

  18. I love the Flexible Filly muzzle—I’m on my 3rd one. Just with the material was a little thicker around the hole so wouldn’t split/get enlarged by the horse. Could be same material—just thicker at edges of hole. Wouldn’t damage teeth. If that would happen, would truly be the best muzzle ever!!!
  19. Q I love the Flexible Filly muzzle—I’m on my 3rd one. Just with the material was a little thicker a...... Read more answer now

    Hi Jane! So happy to hear and thank you for your feedback! We're always open to new ideas and ways to improve and grow!

  20. What size would a regular/standard size donkey wear?
  21. Q What size would a regular/standard size donkey wear? answer now

    Hi Amy! Most standard donkeys wear a cob/horse size in the grazing muzzle. We recommend choosing your muzzle size based on the halter size your donkey wears.  The muzzles come with a 30 day return/exchange period and we're happy to help with sizing exchanges if needed!


  22. How wide is the Oversize/Draft size across the bottom where the opening is (once it attached to the halter)? I'm trying to figure out if it will fit in an automatic waterer that is 7.5"x8". Thank you!
  23. Q How wide is the Oversize/Draft size across the bottom where the opening is (once it attached to t...... Read more answer now

    Thanks for your question! That part measures about 6 3/4" across so it should work well with your automatic waterer. It's so flexible and squishy that it even works with the smaller waterers too!


  24. Will the muzzle halter get caught on a hay bag?
  25. Q Will the muzzle halter get caught on a hay bag? answer now

    Hi Carol and thanks for your question! The halter is designed without any clips or snaps and also has a breakaway crown piece for safety during turnout. It's tough to say it could never happen, because we're talking horses, but if it did, the halter crown would break and release the horse.   

  26. Can I get the padded halter without the muzzle? I already have the muzzle but want the halter now.
  27. Q Can I get the padded halter without the muzzle? I already have the muzzle but want the halter now. answer now

    Thank you for your question Caitlin! The grazing muzzle, turnout halter, and padding set are great together and separately too!

    The turnout halter is available here.

    The padding can be purchased here.

    Both items can be found in the tack section of the website



  28. My pony has been wearing his grazing muzzle for a month and surprisingly doesn't mind or try to get it off but...when it is put on in the morning he just goes and stands by fence. He doesn't attempt to graze. Occasionally I have observed him attempting to graze but then gives up. Is this unusual behavior? Do I need to make the hole bigger? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  29. Q My pony has been wearing his grazing muzzle for a month and surprisingly doesn't mind or try to g...... Read more answer now

    Hi Karen, thanks for your question!  

    Happy to hear the muzzle is staying put! While it does take some horses a little time to get used to it, a month is a little long for an adjustment period. 

    Is he able to reach the grass through the grazing hole? If not, enlarging the hole is a good idea. This is a short (and silly) video about how to enlarge the grazing hole. 

    Please feel free to email pictures of him in his muzzle set up to [email protected]. We're happy to take a look and see if we can suggest any fitting suggestions!

  30. What are the measurements in diameter of the other size muzzles? I purchased a muzzle used but I'm not sure whether it is a pony or cob size muzzle.
  31. Q What are the measurements in diameter of the other size muzzles? I purchased a muzzle used but I'...... Read more answer now
    A Thank you for your question! 19" Mini/Pony 21" Cob/Horse 23" Oversize/Draft
  32. Can the muzzle be rotated 1/4 way so that the 3 strips on the top and bottom are on the sides? My mare can still eat everything with hers on. Even hay out of a hay Chex slow feed hay net.
  33. Q Can the muzzle be rotated 1/4 way so that the 3 strips on the top and bottom are on the sides? My...... Read more answer now

    Hi and thank you for your question! We are happy to help with fitting recommendations! Please email photos of your horse in her muzzle to [email protected].  Pictures from the front, side, back, and while grazing are helpful.

  34. How would this fit my miniature donkey
  35. Q How would this fit my miniature donkey answer now

    Hi there.  If you order the pony size it will work great on a miniature donkey.  We are lucky enough to have a lot of customers who send us photos of theirs in this muzzle. So adorable!

  36. How do you apply the padding
  37. Q How do you apply the padding answer now
    A The padding has Velcro tabs you wrap around the halter pieces.
  38. I have automatic waterers with 10” circular openings... will this be compatible for the muzzle (fitting Arabians)?
  39. Q I have automatic waterers with 10” circular openings... will this be compatible for the muzzle (f...... Read more answer now

    Yes, that shouldn't be a problem at all.

  40. I used the Flexible Filly Muzzle all last year for both of my mares. I really like them, and feel soooo much better about my horses having to wear them pretty much 24/7. My question is my 14.3 quarter horse has a head that is rather small. I am wondering if I should try a pony size muzzle for her. (She is wearing a cob halter.) The cob/horse size muzzle is so large she can eat out of the sides and does not use the restricted center hole. This sideways motion causes her to rub the hair off of her face from the halter even with padding. How much smaller is the mini/pony muzzle, and do you think it might eliminate the sideways motion grazing? Thanks so much!
  41. Q I used the Flexible Filly Muzzle all last year for both of my mares. I really like them, and feel...... Read more answer now
    A I would. I have a14. 2 SSH that usually is a COB size. I ordered the COB size muzzle but for him, it was too small. I was able to return and get the draft size for him which fits perfect. (The irony? His halter is pony size!) He just has a very large muzzle. So try the smaller size and see if that fits her better.

    Thank you for your question!

    Most horses wear the muzzle size that matches their halter size, but some do need to size up or down.

    Please call 919-680-6803 or email us at [email protected] to get personalized size recommendations for your mare. 


    Thank you for your question!

    Most horses wear the muzzle size that matches their halter size, but some do need to size up or down.

    The diameter of the muzzle increases 2" with each size. 

    Please call 919-680-6803 or email us at [email protected] to get personalized size recommendations for your mare. 

  42. I used the Flexible Filly Muzzle all last year for both of my mares. I really like them, and feel soooo much better about my horses having to wear them pretty much 24/7. My question is my 14.3 quarter horse has a head that is rather small. I am wondering if I should try a pony size muzzle for her. (She is wearing a cob halter.) The cob/horse size muzzle is so large she can eat out of the sides and does not use the restricted center hole. This sideways motion causes her to rub the hair off of her face from the halter even with padding. How much smaller is the mini/pony muzzle, and do you think it might eliminate the sideways motion grazing? Thanks so much!
  43. Q I used the Flexible Filly Muzzle all last year for both of my mares. I really like them, and feel...... Read more answer now

    Thank you for your question! If your horse is able to eat out of the side of the muzzle, you can click here for fitting suggestions. A close fit helps prevent side eating as well, so it's possible that she may do better in a smaller size.  We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and easy returns, so please feel free to give it a try!

  44. Will the muzzle work on long grass - over a foot long?
  45. Q Will the muzzle work on long grass - over a foot long? answer now
    A It can, but I found that it is very difficult for the horse. Grass that tall tends to flatten down when the horse pushes the muzzle on it and therefore makes it harder for them to get their teeth to pull in the grass blades. I found, for my horse, It works best when the grass is no higher than 6"-8".
  46. Will the muzzle work on long grass - over a foot long?
  47. Q Will the muzzle work on long grass - over a foot long? answer now

    Longer grass can make it more difficult for horses to graze while wearing the muzzle. Shorter grass, in the 2" to 4" range, is the ideal length. 

  48. I'm unsure whether to buy cob or horse size. He is in between. Micklem bridle cob fits him tight thru throatlatch. Would it be better to be a little big or a little small, I believe we're in between.
  49. Q I'm unsure whether to buy cob or horse size. He is in between. Micklem bridle cob fits him tight ...... Read more answer now

    Most of this choice will depend on how long your horses' muzzle is.  If  your horse is short from the noseband to the end of his mouth choose the Pony size. If he is long choose the horse/cob size.  One of the great things about these muzzles is that they have alot of flexibility and will serve you well.

  50. My mare found a way to eat grass out of one side. It fits to within 1 finger from her lip. This is the third day. Suggestions?
  51. Q My mare found a way to eat grass out of one side. It fits to within 1 finger from her lip. This i...... Read more answer now

    Sometimes it takes a day or two for horses who have never been in a muzzle to figure out how to eat at the hole. If the issue persists generally it is because the hole size is too small for the width/height of the grass you are on.  Only really fine grass such as bermuda can fit through the 2.5 cm muzzle hole size.  But not to worry!  It is very simple to enlarge the grazing hole size by using a box cutter and cutting the hole a little larger.

  52. I have bought the halter with padding and flexible muzzle my horse can still crib with it on
  53. Q I have bought the halter with padding and flexible muzzle my horse can still crib with it on answer now

    Hi.  The flexible filly grazing muzzle was designed to reduce grazing and not as a cribbing mechanism.  We have heard of a few people who have two muzzles fitted one on top of the other (doubling the thickness of the muzzle) and it has reduced cribbing but we have not run a study or designed the product for that purpose. Thank you for your question.

  54. I ordered the restrictive size but my horse is really struggling to eat out of the hole. If I make the hole slightly larger is it still valid for the 30 day money back guarantee?
  55. Q I ordered the restrictive size but my horse is really struggling to eat out of the hole. If I mak...... Read more answer now
    A Thank you for your question! Once the grazing hole is enlarged, it is still covered by the 6-month warranty, but not the 30-day satisfaction guarantee. When your muzzle fits well and your horse is only able to eat out of the center hole during a test hand graze, you're good to go to enlarge the grazing hole.
  56. Putting ties on
  57. Q Putting ties on answer now
    A Your grazing muzzle comes with two sets of ties. The temporary twist ties are used for fitting and the zip ties will be used once you've selected the holes to use on the muzzle. The muzzle fins are placed on the outside of the noseband. The zip ties go through the holes on the muzzle fin and wrap around the inside of the noseband to secure. They should be oriented so that the end of the tie is facing down once secured and any extra length of tie should be trimmed off. Please feel free to call with any questions! 888-401-9101

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