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Featured Riders

Featured Horse Riders of ThinLine Global

Wondering why so many riders use ThinLine?

Featured Riders of ThinLine Global will give you a quick visual look of horsemen and women from around the globe. All of whom swear by our saddle pads and tack.

Kent Farrington

Kent Farrington

Kent Farrington is one of the best riders in the world, earning the number one spot in the world show jumping rankings in 2017. For the last 10 years, Kent has been using ThinLine on every horse, for every ride.

Western Pads and Tack

Tom McCutcheon

World Class Reining Rider
Favorite product: Western Sheepskin

Geoff Teall

Top Hunter Rider and Trainer
Favorite Product: 202 ThinLine Contour pad

Jim Paden saddlebred morgan rider

Jim Paden

Saddle Seat Trainer
Favorite products: 202 ThinIine pad and Bareback pad.

Anne Kursinski thinline sponsor rider

Anne Kursinski

5-time Olympian,
2-time Silver medalist
Favorite Products: 7023 Full Sheepskin Half pad and Reins

USA Polo Crosse Team

Dori Johnson
Favorite Products: 202 ThinLine Contour pad, reins and Cobra Boots.

Julio Mendoza

FEI Dressage Rider and Trainer
USDF Gold Medalist
Favorite Products: 3330 Sheepskin Full Pad, sport boots.

Betsy Steiner

Dressage rider, trainer, and author
Favorite Products: Reins, 102 Ultra ThinLine basic pad, 7055 Cotton Comfort pad.

Mike McEntire

Million Dollar Reining Rider and Trainer
Favorite products: Full Sheepskin Comfort pad, cobra boots, western cinch.

Holistic Health Benefits

Michael Murphy, United Kingdom

Para Dressage Champion
Favorite products: 7055, Cotton comfort pad, reins

"It's A Secret"

Favorite products: TL exercise pad, ankle boots.

Kim Gentry

International Grand Prix rider and trainer
Favorite products: 7415 Trifecta Half pad, reins, sport boots, GatorBootz

Susan Dutta

International dressage rider
Favorite Products: 7023 Sheepskin half pad, reins, sport boots.

English Tack and Pads

Mette Rosencrantz

International Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer
Favorite Product: 3330 Sheepskin Dressage pad

Lainey Ashker

**** Eventing Rider and Trainer
Favorite Products: 7023 Sheepskin half pad, Trifecta half pad, reins, short girth.

Geoff Teall

Leading Hunter Rider, Trainer, and Author endorsing ThinLine basic pads for training and competition.

Dr. James Warson, MD, FACS

Spinal Surgeon endorsing Ultra ThinLine for riders backs.

USDF Top Trainers Picks

USDF magazine listing top trainers pics: Ultra ThinLine

Ed Dabney

Gentle Horsemanship Trainer
Favorite Products: Western Sheepskin Comfort pad, cinch, cobra boots.

Chris Cox

Trainer, clinician, and host of Chris Cox Horsemanship on RFD-TV
Favorite product: Western Felt, Pro-Tech Pads.

Christian Trainer

(Australia) Favorite products: Short Girth, reins, any Ultra ThinLine pad.

Will Faudree

International Eventing Rider and Trainer
Favorite products: Sheepskin half pad, ThinLine contour pad, reins, open front boots.

Valerie Kanavy

World Endurance Champion
Favorite Products: ThinLine horse boots, sheepskin endurance pad.

Mary and Rayatta

Western Sheepskin Comfort pad, black.

Ellen Cook

Western Sheepskin Comfort pad, Black

Richard Spooner

International Grand Prix show jumper
Favorite product: Sheepskin Half pad.

Big Air-Culpeper Grand Prix 2008

Sheepskin half pad, open front schooling boots.

Pato Hampton Classic


Jennifer Alfano

National Show Hunter Hall of Fame
Basic ThinLine pad, sheepskin half pad.

Louise Serio

Basic half pad. Trifecta.

Vanessa Paschini

Dover Hunter Pad

Seth Ingram

Premium Felt Pro-Tech Pad

Jon Ingram

Brown Felt Pro-Tech pad.

Mary Trowbridge

203- Large ThinLine contour pad.

Steeple chase Jeff Murphy

Basic ThinLine pad.

Tevis Cup -

Endurance cotton pad.

Wendy Ying

Sport boots.

Oded Shimoni

Sheepskin half pad, Full sheepskin dressage pad.

Michael Barisone

Ultra ThinLine Contour pad

Hilda Gurney

Reins, Trifecta and ultra ThinLine contour pad.

James Cooler & Gus

Felt liner, cinches.

Utah Western Rider

Felt Liner

Teddy with Karen O'Conner

Sheepskin half pad.

Emma Winter at Burghley

sheepskin half pad, Ultra ThinLine basic pad, Reins, schooling boots.

Schuyler Riley

Ultra ThinLine Cotton Jumping square.

Ryan Bell

Trifecta and reins

Lindsey Partridge

Harmony Horsemanship

Lucian Spataro

Endurance. Rider and Author of The Long Ride.