The only saddle pad endorsed by back surgeons, master saddlers and veterinarians.

Saddle Fitter testimonial

ThinLine pads are a gift to horses, riders, and saddle fitters! When ThinLine asked me to test their product, I did so with no preconceived notions.
For three weeks, I rode two of our Morgan stallions, both with correctly fitted saddles. One day with the ThinLine, the next without. Every time the ThinLine was on board, my boys’ gaits swung more, their backs were consistently up and my aids were more thoughts than actions.
These are some of the conditions you too should turn to ThinLine to solve:
Young horses: with their growth so unpredictable, we protect a developing back while keeping the young horse’s saddle balanced with Cotton Comfort and Sheepskin Comfort pads (using the appropriate shims.) No more changing the flocking of the saddle every few months. No more unbalanced saddles (low in front) driving the points into the growing horse’s back. And it saves money!
New riders or riders in the process of losing weight: In both cases, with the use of the ThinLine pad, 95% of recoil is diverted from the horse’s back. I try to get all my school horses outfitted with the 202 ThinLine Plus pad for just this reason.
Riders with back problems: The  ThinLine offers the rider impact protection and reduces the movement of the lower back.
Saddles on low wither, round horses: Laterally stability is everything for security. Give the round backed horses a ThinLine pad and girth and the saddle stops rolling.