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Saddle Pad Testimonial

I’ve been riding Quimero (Grand Prix Lusitano) with my new Thinline pad. I’ve been hesitant to post anything until now because every day I think it may just be a coincidence that he’s not pinned his ears when I girth him up (which after 4 saddles and numerous girths I assumed was just his sensitive belly/elbow area) and the other very interesting observation is that I’m able to stabilize my pelvis and maintain a quieter seat even in the bounciest passage. I’d always assumed any sort of saddle pad or correction pad was primarily used for the horse’s benefit, but after several days in a row of using the ThinLine I am now convinced there is far more to it. The ability to quiet my seat and use those aids in a more deliberate manner has made a huge impact in his schooling, particularly in our down transitions. I’m so excited! Thanks ThinLine!