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Saddle Pad Testimonial

Two weeks ago I ordered a Thinline Contour pad after I had read good things about it but I was skeptical. My mare had been stiff and fighting against me for a while and after trying my entire saddle and bit collection, trying various fleece and gel half pads, I thought “why not?”. When it arrived I was quite disappointed, thinking “Wow, this looks like a gigantic mouse pad, and this should do anything for the mare and me?” Ready to accept that I had made a bad purchase, I tried it. And I had the *best ride in many weeks”. The mare was not perfect, but she immediately gave to the bit, worked through her back and hindquarters, was willing to flex, and did not try to cross-fire while cantering. Wow! Really? Must be a coincidence. Next day… even more improvement. I had my horse with a positive work attitude back, who I hadn’t seen since April. While I still remain slightly skeptical about the gigantic mouse pad and don’t want to party prematurely, I am happy for now about the great rides I was able to have (and will have?). Thanks Thinline? I’ll keep you posted