The only saddle pad endorsed by back surgeons, master saddlers and veterinarians.

In which cases should (or could) a ThinLine pad be used?

All of our saddle pads include our exclusive ThinLine foam which makes both horse and riders’ backs better.  It takes away the shock/impact/bounce and reduces the sheer (front, back & left, right movement) of the saddle. It is non-slip and is so thin it can be used with a custom-fitted saddle.

ThinLine Saddle Pads are offered in numerous textiles and designs to accommodate saddles for each equestrian discipline.

All shimmable pads begin with ThinLine (3/16″, 4.8mm, the thinnest we make) over a base pad.

The only pads without the ability to shim are the single sheets of ThinLine foam called Basic Pads.

Each saddle pad has a pocket to place optional shims to fine-tune saddle fit.

ThinLine  3/16″ thick


    • Enhances rider performance and connection with the horse without altering custom saddle fit.
    • Provides shock absorption and comfort for the horse but with this product, the rider feel is enhanced.
    • Horses move bigger and at the same time riders sit better.
    • Endorsed by spinal surgeons, Master Saddle Fitters and top riders- keeping riders backs healthier.